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Amazonian ancestral medicine

Ayahuasca Shamanic Centers Retreat


This site was created to allow those who wish to be oriented to shamanic centers in the Peruvian Amazon. The participation in a shamanic retreat is not a matter of any shamanic tourism or sessions organized by people who are not true shamans, who would not work in the tradition of sacred ritual context of indigenous Amazonian cultures, and would not be qualified to lead ayahuasca sessions


Below three different possibilities are offered with either Shipibo-Conibo or Aguaruna healers. The rates of the centers are different depending on their services, numbers of ayahuasca sessions, shamans, auxiliary care, staff of the center, facilitators, conveniences, dwellings (Tambo), duration of your stay.


A shamanic center located 14km from Iquitos in the heart of the Amazon forest is welcoming you with all the necessary amenities to ensure you the best connection. The shamans officiate for the center administered by Westerners present there, which assures a certain ethic to the center. Seminar of 5 days to 3 months with 4 sessions of ayahuasca per week. The shamans are Shipibos-conibos, high-level curanderos (healers).

centre caya shobo

The retreat center is located in Padre Cocha, thirty minutes by boat from the city of Iquitos in a preserved area of ​​the Peruvian Amazon, on the edge of Rio Nanay. Its location is ideal for a seminar and ayahuasca sessions away from urban energies. The Tambos (retreat habitats) are individual, near the Maloca to guarantee you a comfortable and ideal environment for the smooth running of your shamanic retreat. The Selva Madre Center offers 4 ayahuasca sessions for a 10-day seminar. Ideal for a first ayahuasca retreat, a short seminar. The maximum number of participants is ten people. Two shamans and a facilitator are present during the ayahuasca sessions. The houses are individual with all the necessary comfort.


Why taking ayahuasca in the Peruvian Amazon more precisely


Simply because it seems to me elementary to practice this medicine in the rules of art and therefore I recommend it in the heart of the Amazonian forest far from Western energies, in an exceptional setting conductive to great changes within (to understand oneself and to understand the system in which we evolved since birth, we have to simply extract ourselves from it, because it is thanks to the knowledge of these distant cultures that we find ours, under a massive block of hundreds of years of domination, exploitation and power in which the collective consciousness is forgetting what it has already forgotten.


Experienced shamans working with ayahuasca are in their home country. They pick up and prepare the ancestral beverage that is done by a specific ritual. The plants that we can diagnose according to traumas, addictions or other are picked in the Amazon and most are not found in Europe.


Be aware that for the ceremonies performed in Europe the ayahuasca served is very far from being as purgative as the ayahuasca which is proposed to you when you are in a maloca in the Amazon, and you have in addition a diet of master plant in correspondence with your needs.

Brief history of the origin of shamanic seminars in Peru

Why choosing a shamanic center for an ayahuasca retreat.


For information it is good to know that in Peru very few Peruvians take ayahuasca, that in the purest tradition of traditional Amazonian medecine, the shaman alone takes ayahuasca during a ceremony .


Shamanic centers were born more specifically in the city of Tarapoto in the 90's (1992) following the foundation of the first center "Takiwasi", whose creator is none other than Dr. Jacques Mabit, an enlightened man who dedicates his life to combine conventional medicine with traditional medicine. Following a massive demand from Westerners wanting to apprehend "the forbidden experience," even the local carpenter builds his Maloca and offers ayahuasca ceremonies (to make it short). Without particular knowledge of the shamanic environment it is hazardous to entrust one's physical and spiritual integrity to the first comer. Most of the downward spiral begins with this kind of initiative which is of the order of the desecration of the ritual and ancestral context of this medicine. In view of their success, the centers have grown like "mushrooms" drowning in the mass by shamans who are by vocation or ancestral transmission. This has spread to much of Peru and many curanderos now practice this medicine mainly for profit, without really worrying about the sacred, healing, spiritual aspect of the "GRINGO" approach. Fortunately, as there is a balance in everything, there are also shamans "healers" who work in the greatest respect of traditional Amazonian medicine.


Knowing that it is necessary to conceive that "modern" shamans are like you and me, have a family (often numerous) and they live from their work in Maloca and auxiliary care related to their function. Peru is one of the poorest countries in Latin America and some of them want their share of the pie at the expense of some of us.

It is wise for a first shamanic retrat to be oriented on a center administered by Westerners, (or be well advised) where Aboriginal shamans officiate there and thus avoid pseudos''chamans '' who are unscrupulous. A balance is necessary in order to maintain an equilibrium between these two completely opposite cultures and thus guarantee you a certain moral ethic. A shamanic center is no more or less a place suitable for Westerners who come from the four corners of the planet to heal themselves, clean themselves energetically in order to restore the connection with your very essence.


A shamanic seminar has a certain cost and I agree, still we must see the prospects of deep life change that it will bring you. This remains a personal and financial investment over the long term. It is obvious that a suitable outdoor environment with a minimum of comfort is required for such an energertic cleansing.


"" exists to guarantee you the healthiest and most authentic within experience because it's all about that. Everything is in the intention in which you will undertake your shamanic seminary. The precautions of use are to be respected rigorously, the facilitators, the shamans will be there to help you, to guide you, to allow you to clean you energetically. Know that the key to healing is intention, calmness and self-understanding because nobody can do it for you. As you can see, the best solution is to take your courage in your hands and find your answers. I grant you that you have to have courage, which automatically generates fear, and one does not exist without the other.



Amazonie Ayahuasca
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