Ayahuasca, shamanic experience

The key lies in calmness and self-understanding


A desire and need to test ayahuasca came into my life after meetings followed by events in dreams where the spirit of the plant spoke to me, then watching the movie "Blueberry" and the documentary "Others "Worlds" by Jan Kounen and a connection with him which amplified this desire to go to the Amazon.

So I take my courage in both hands and decides against all (at the time) to face myself in the Amazon forest through the ancestral beverage. In 2015 I stayed six months in the Peruvian Amazon, in 2017 I stayed 12 months while dieting a master plant and doing a good number of sessions of ayahuasca, wachuma (san pedro), and one can realize how important it is to be in the presence of facilitators and especially 'curanderos' (healer / shaman) authorized to conduct ayahuasca ceremonies.


A big thank you to the enlightened men I met on the way, like Dr. Jacques Mabit, or Don Guillermo, for whom I worked for a few months in a center, Don Lucho, Yann Rivière and many others. And without forgetting a budding friendship with a benevolent Frenchman towards me, he will recognize himself. This website is the one I would have liked to find before my first shamanic seminar in the Peruvian Amazon, including rigorous use precautions to guarantee you the most authentic experience.



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