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Understanding of a shamanic seminary

Energy cleansing from unconsciousness to consciousness 🙏


Understand the mechanics of a shamanic and energetic treatment. How does you treat a shaman during a shamanic retreat? It is possible to work on one's unconscious, subconscious while being conscious to an extent beyond comprehension. You never know in advance how far shamans can go before you begin shamanic care. In most cases, healers manage to solve heavy problems and nothing seems to limit this medicine, in others they can not go beyond a certain point. In these latter cases, there are no limits coming from the shaman's mind or limitations due to a particular health problem, it is more resistance that they feel and that are indicated to them when they involved. They know that only the person has the means to solve his problem and that to do so, he has to change something in his functioning, his habits or his spiritual "adjustment".


It often takes the form of a job to do on the ego. The shamans then transmit the message. The curandero simply tells the person the way to go and free to engage him or not. This can of course be difficult to say as much as to hear, but they have the responsibility to convey what they receive and to give the person the chance to walk the path of change knowing at least the direction. They always hope that she knows how to measure the importance of these messages and receives this information as important keys to change. It is important to understand that during or after care, the things the shaman says and is passed on to him are not things that come from his mind.


These are things he sees and is shown to him. They are never the result of a judgment. In reality, shamans have enough to do with their own human form to waste time judging those of others and we also know that each path is complex. As the sun gives its love and energy to all living beings without distinction. Personal judgment has no place in all of this. It can happen that patients take things wrong with them because their ego is a screen and they think that what they hear comes from another ego that judges them but really and again, t


he Ego has no place in shamanic energy care. It can be quite difficult to understand for some patients, especially those who are not engaged on a spiritual path and it is often much easier to make these things understood by traditional natives because they respect the shaman, understand the essence of his intervention and his agency.

In modern medicine, the doctor treats with his head and his science and he deploys chemical weapons to fight localized problems. In traditional and ancestral medicine, man is above all apprehended as a spiritual being made of energy, spirit and matter (what we are intrinsically). What the shaman sees and what he heals is this All .


The disease is the consequence of an imbalance and a gap between the initial equilibrium condition and the misalignment of man, his own way of life. In this sense, and in order to situate them, the shaman's care is closer to the idea of ​​the miraculous cures performed by the Saints than to those operated by modern medicine.


More than bringing back health and energy, the shaman gives the keys to the global change necessary for the being to get back on its true path. The newfound health and the energy delivered is only an impulse which must allow the setting up of this change and which must facilitate the patient's commitment to his own path of healing. In many cases, if no change is made, the disease or problem will return.


It is difficult for many patients to understand the true dimension of shamanic care and to measure the depth of its action at the energetic, psychological and spiritual levels, because the only frame of reference it has in the medical field is a man behind a desk that prescribes exams, gives them prescriptions and sends them home until next time. The West has separated the body from the head, the sacred from the profane, the material from the spiritual and everything is tidy in small boxes apart with specialists in the face.

From this state of affairs, it is understandable that people facing shamanism and its holistic messages may misinterpret changes indicated by the shaman and that, at once, will affect their way of life, but worse, their ego . The efforts required must be committed, even if it is quietly and without brutality, so that the disease does not come back, but farther, to finally align itself spiritually and energetically with the laws of the universe in relation to its own truth. inner and its deep nature. Beyond health, it's about self-realization and it's worth it.


You should know that in cases where changes are needed and nothing is done, the patient comes back and the shaman is not always able to intervene effectively again because the solution was in his hands and still is. .


The work of the patient begins where the one of the shaman stops. The path was clear and he did not seize it and the curandero did not have the power to make some efforts in his place. To conclude, the patient's intention is paramount in the shamanic care process, the healer only transmits what he sees, always hoping that the words he receives from this dimension that transcends him do not remain effects and that the care is not just for the patient to take it back for a ride until next time.


Why a diet? Ancient Tradition of the Amazonian Forest of Peru This regime consists of a temporary retreat, in isolation, with ritual ingestion of so-called "master plants", under a determined diet and very strict standards of bodily and psychic predisposition. In the West, the proposed duration of this retreat is 3 or 4 days minimum. In the ancient tradition of Peru, initiation is at least 10 days.

1st step The process consists first of all in establishing a physical space conducive to the initiation of an interior work. In contact with the master plants that allow the modification and amplification of consciousness, the person can return to his own space, begin to find himself, to know himself, and to undertake a cleaning process. It is a physical and energetic purification, aimed at eliminating the elements that hinder the meeting and self-fulfillment: toxic substances, fears, diseases, addictions, psycho-affective manifestations, traumatic episodes, etc. This process favors deep introspection and dream-like production corresponding to bodily and ancestral memories as well as to the rigid structure of the ego, which blocks the liberation of the deep being. We can then see certain past unmetabolized, undigested situations that we carry within ourselves as existential blunders, and begin to transform, clean, and tidy them.


2nd step Physical detoxification process that allows the cleaning of toxins accumulated by the consumption of industrial foods, chemical drugs. by the administration of controlled plants -Treatment against stress, insomnia and lack of energy - steam baths for internal cleansing or menstrual pain - dietary food to regulate the metabolism, therapeutic massage / punctual psychological support. The goal is to accomplish one's own healing, to meet one's "inner master" and gradually find one's own way. This process involves intimate events and vitally important aspects for each person, related to their own blockages and trauma.

What is the diet?

During the retreat, the work opens an inner door which makes it possible to make contact with one's deepest being, but which at the same time places him in a situation of vulnerability. This is why energy protection measures are rigorous for the dieter. It is during these 3 or 4 days to avoid doing any physical effort, and to expose oneself to the sun, rain, fire, certain tastes and smells (soaps, sprays, perfumes, etc.). contact with other people (especially sick people, women with menstruation, and people who have recently had sex). Situations that generate tension will be avoided. Abstinence is required for drugs, alcohol, sexual relations and acts, industrial tobacco. Women in menstruation period already being in a natural cleansing process can not participate.


Why the dietary diet?

Each diet has a special way of associating a diet with the plants that will be ingested. In the great majority of cases, it is allowed only to eat once or twice a day rice, oats, green bananas pan-fried in a little water or blanched, vegetables or steamed roots, all, prepared without salt or sugar, or any flavor enhancer. Eventually, it is also possible to fast, depending on the ability and feeling of each.


What is the isolation required during the diet?

Each person, whether a couple or not, will have a physical space to work on themselves and sleep. The ceremonies in which the master plants are ingested happen in groups but in silence, each remaining in its inner sphere. For meals, the ideal would be that each person can take them alone. This condition is to be adapted according to the place. If the meals are taken as a group, it will also be done in silence so that the work of each can continue without interruption or interference.


How is the diet going?

The days following the diet, the person will gradually resume his usual diet. So that the plants continue to act, some restrictions will be extended, on a case by case basis, during a variable period of 15 to 30 days. We avoid all dishes made from refined sugar (industrial) always favoring natural sugars, as contained in the fruits. Pork meat, spicy food and alcohol are also avoided. Avoid contact with intense "perfumes", industrial or resulting from unpleasant energies (violent relations, superficial sexual relations, etc.); as well as attending end-of-life patients.


The medical precautions are rigorous to allow you to optimize the best results. Once your ayahuasca retreat is over, if in your day-to-day life you are not vigilant, it will come back. Nothing is acquired, everything is maintained.

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