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centre caya shobo
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The Caya Shobo Center offers 4 ayahuasca sessions per week.

Three shamans and two facilitators are present in Maloca (depending on the number of participants of the moment). In Amazonian medicine, the patient is responsible for his process, so it will be up to you to decide for yourself how many ayahuasca sessions you'd like to participate in; knowing that there is no mandatory character.


  • 4 Ayahuasca Ceremonies per week

  • Shamanic consultations

  • Medical assistance included / facilitator during ceremonies

  • Dietary meals (fish, chicken) / vegetarian, vegan

  • Accommodation in private individual rooms

       or isolation in full nature in a Tambo (according to availability)

  • Personalized medicine / plant diet for a minimum of 10 days

  • Spanish / English / Russian interpreter

  • Plant and floral baths / massages

  • Transportation to and from Caya shobo ($ 20 more)

  • Tambo Reservation ($ 10 more per day)

  • Laundry service / cleaning of the habitat at your convenience

  • Wifi, electricity


Please note that the center can not guarantee the availability of your room without a 50% deposit paid in advance, the remaining balance will be paid in cash (dollars) upon arrival at the center. (Rates are in correspondence with the current dollar rate). Please note that the "high season" period from December 13 to March 18 implies an increase of some stays up to $ 100 or 88 euros.

Programme hebdomadaire_edited.jpg

Caya Shobo is the only Ayahuasca healing center to have received approval from Coshikox (the Shipibo Konibo Xetebo Tribal Council) for the authenticity of shamans and medicinal plants, in keeping with the true traditions of the Shipibo of the Peruvian Amazon.

Here are the different types of stay



21+ days immersion retreat

2625$ / 2411€

A more intensive retreat -recommended for guests needing help with more serious health concerns, and for apprentices of the Shipibo plant medicine tradition.

Il y a de nouvelles exigences de voyage pour se rendre au Pérou

Dernières mise à jour des conditions d'entrée 

8 cérémonies d'Ayahuasca

Plan personnalisé de diagnostic et de guérison 

 Suivi continu de la diète          

Thérapies végétales quotidiennes

(repoté, bain de fleurs, nettoyage des yeux et des sinus etc.) 

Hébergement et repas diététique, végétarien, vegan etc...

Blanchisserie et nettoyage de l'habitation

12 nuits d'hébergement, repas, Wifi

Organisée par les co-fondateurs de Caya Shobo Miguel & Becky et suivie par notre Shipibo Maestros Arturo, Walter & Pedro Pacata

Veuillez noter que le Pérou exige actuellement que tous les visiteurs étrangers arrivent avec un résultat négatif au test Covid-PCR et restent en quarantaine obligatoire pendant au moins 6 jours après leur arrivée au Pérou (ce qui peut être fait dans notre centre). Après 6 jours de quarantaine, vous pouvez alors faire un autre test covid, et si le résultat est négatif, vous serez autorisé à voyager autour du Pérou ou à rentrer chez vous.

Capture d’écran 2021-02-07 112052.png


Guided retreat of 11 days. 1650$ / 1486€

Next dates from Nov 04 to 14, 2019

A wonderful opportunity for women to safely explore the sacred medicine of Ayahuasca and other Master Healing Plants with high-level Shipiba Maestras and experienced female facilitators.


7 Ayahuasca Ceremonies

Master Plant Dieta initiated by experienced Shipiba Maestras

Dieta plants, flower baths, sinus flush and eye cleanse

Discussion groups, 1:1 consultations with Maestras, other shared activities

Wi-fi internet (in common areas), Laundry service

Translation support

Receive profound support for healing of traumas and sadness, liberate and strengthen your spirit, deepen your connection with yourself and the master teacher plants.  

7 Ayahuasca ceremonies

Master Plant Dieta Prescription

Group & Personalized Art Instruction

Daily Plant Therapies (repote, flower baths, eye-flush, etc)

Accommodation & meals

Diet special sacred plants and receive treatment from high-level Shipibo Maestro Onanyas.

Beginner to advanced artists welcome.


Open the doors for the visual expression of the highest self.

11 day guided retreat - 1750 $ or 1557 €


An exploration of the exquisite universe, energy and patterns of visionary painting with some of Peru's most renowned visionary artists such as Luis Tamani, Juan Carlos Taminchi, Luis Tamani, Ruysen Flores

The date and details of the next Visionary Art Seminar will be announced shortly.

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